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Kit Prices

Hirobo produce high quality goods in Japan and are therefore NOT budget low end models; nor are they made in cheap labour factories. However these beautifully produced kits are available at competitive rates and their first rate fit and finish have been appreciated by discerning modellers worldwide for over 40 years!

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

SWM = eCCPM / HPM = mechanical mix

Part NumberDescriptionSWM/HPMRotorhead
0412-962Shuttle Plus 2HPMFlybar£250.00
0305-901Shuttle EP Conversion (inc Scorpion 890kv motor)£250.00
0305-903Shuttle Plus 2 EP FL XX (inc Scorpion 890kv motor)SWMFlybarless£470.00
0305-903MShuttle Plus 2 EP FL XX (inc Scorpion 890kv motor) - For Scale Body (No canopy, undercarriage, etc)SWMFlybarless£400.00
Shuttle Plus 2 EP (inc Scorpion 890kv motor)HPMFlybar£400.00
Scale .30/550
0412-930Lama (Red)HPMFlybar£520.00
Lama (White)HPMFlybar£520.00
0412-959Schweizer 300HPMFlybar£650.00
0412-968Lama (Red) MRB3HPMFlybarless£600.00
0412-969Schweizer 300 MRB3HPMFlybarless£720.00
EP ConversionEP Conversion (inc Scorpion 890kv motor)£180.00
0308-901Gigas 550ESWMFlybarless£900.00
0308-902Gigas 600ESWMFlybarless£1000.00
SDX .50/600
0403-969SDX D3 SSL2SWMFlybarless£760.00
0403-970SDX FZ-5 HPMFlybar£370.00
0403-971SDX FZ-5SWMFlybar£440.00
0403-972SDX FL-2SWMFlybarless£470.00
0306-901SDX EP Conversion (inc Scorpion motor)£270.00
0414-948Freya EVO OP SSZ5 for GT15HZSWMFlybar£1000.00
0414-949Freya EVO OP SSL2SWMFlybarless£1100.00
0414-950Freya EVO OP SSZ5SWMFlybar£1200.00
0414-941Eagle 3 AOCCSWMFlybar£2200.00
0414-945Eagle 3 VPUSHPMFlybar£2200.00
0307-902Eagle 3 AOCC EPSWMFlybar£1900.00
0307-903Eagle 3 WC SSL2SWMFlybarless£2200.00
0307-905Eagle 4 SSL3SWMFlybarless£1900.00
0307-906Eagle 4 EXSWMFlybarless£2350.00
0414-951Turbulence D3 V3SWMFlybarless£1900.00
0304-903Lepton 500 EXSWMBoth£400.00
Scale .60/700
(Special Order, approx 4 weeks)
0404-989Tow CobraSWMFlybar£1600.00
0404-990Super CobraSWMFlybar£1600.00
Tech-MP Chinook
TWREX3BLDTwinnRexx 3 Blade Head Set£70.00
TWREXCOMBTwinnRexx v2 HD Combo (inc TH-2 XPR Mixer + USB Lead + Scale Details)£550.00
TWREXALLTwinnRexx V2 HD Combo + 3 Blade Heads Set£675.00
FunTech Blades
F002550 Glass Fibre£50.00
F100600 Glass Fibre£50.00
F101600 Carbon Fibre (3D)£75.00
F103600 Carbon Fibre (F3C)£75.00
F204700 Carbon Fibre (3D)£115.00
F220710 Carbon Fibre (F3C)£165.00
F221730 Carbon Fibre (F3C)£175.00
F203760 Carbon Fibre (F3C)£190.00
F207790 Carbon Fibre£200.00
FunTech Tail Blades
B00590 x 2£32.00
B00695 x 2£35.00
B008110 x 2£38.00
B05590 x 3£47.00
B05695 x 3£50.00
B057105 x 3£52.00
B058110 x 3£55.00
FunTech One Piece Undercarriage
FunTech Exhausts
A13530 F3C£65.00
A15337 F3C£67.00
A39037 3D£70.00
BN32250/55 F3C£90.00
BN32355 3D£90.00
BN303105 OS 3D£160.00
BN302120 YS 3D£90.00
BN31090 F3C£170.00
FunKey Scale Bodies
JT-109A30RAugusta A109 RED (inc Retracts) - 550)£450.00
JT-109A30BLAugusta A109 BLUE (inc Retracts) - 550£450.00
JT-AW30Airwolf (inc Retracts) - 550£490.00
JT-BELLL22230GBell 222 GREEN (inc Retracts) - 550£490.00
JT-JR30REDJet Ranger RED - 550£360.00
JT-JR30BLJet Ranger BLUE - 550£360.00
JT-H-5533Rotor Blades SILVER- 550£60.00
JT-JRLDSKID30SJet Ranger Skids SILVER - 550£90.00
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